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Park Lane Group FZ LLE (owner and manager of Park Lane Consult) was incorporated in 2012 to enable our Founder James English to provide advice to business owners and potential business owners in the United Arab Emirates. James's vast experience of working in the Financial Services/Corporate Services Industry for over 25 years, having set up and managed the Dubai office for the largest Corporate Service provider globally and having worked for a local Royal Private Family Office, means he is extremely well positioned to provide advice on everything from company formation and company structure, to business strategy and introducing potential business partners.

We are a fully licensed Business Consultancy agency built on these five main core principals -

  1. Providing the best option for you - taking into consideration matters such as budget and office / visa / legal requirements, we shall always provide what we believe to be the best option for you and our reasons why we believe it to be the best option for you.

  2. There is no "grey area" - if you have been in the UAE for a while you will no doubt have heard someone mention to you that it's ok to do something, as it's a "grey area". We will eliminate those grey areas by actually telling you what you can and can't do. 

  3. Valuable Advice - we will only take on a client if we know we can add value to your business. 

  4. Affordable Advice - our fee structure is very straight forward and due to our low overheads it means we are able to keep our fees at a very competitive rate.

  5. No lock-in - unlike a lot of corporate services companies, we have no lock-in period within our contracts.

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James English


"It has been a great 9 years since setting up the agency and we've worked with some very exciting businesses. Some of those businesses we have just assisted with the incorporation, whereas others we have been much more involved in, such as providing strategy assistance and helping to introduce key partnerships.

We aren't always involved in the business activities, but I get particularly excited when we can be and I'm a big fan of introducing people who might be able to help each other out in business. We don't get paid for introductions and we don't take commissions, as it's all about helping each other where we can. I've been in the UAE for 13 years now and with the ongoing rapid development of the country, there are always new contacts to be made."

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